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This is where I live: Blotzheim, a small town in Alsace, France about 10 kilometers from Basel, Switzerland


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I work as a psychiatrist in the Centre Hospitalier de Rouffach, a 400-bed psychiatric hospital situated between Mulhouse and Colmar. My professional interests include psychopharmacology and alcohol and drug abuse. My hobbies include music (especially late 19th- and early 20th-century), motorcycles, and mountain walking.

The map shows you the towns where I live and work, the Vosges mountains (where I often go walking and biking), and also the Alsace wine-growing area outlined in red. Nearby are the Val d'Argent (a scenic and interesting part of the Vosges) and the European Capital, Strasbourg.

Although the official language of Alsace is French, most of the inhabitants also speak Alsatian, a dialect of Middle German which is closely related to Alemannish (spoken in the adjacent part of Germany) and Basel-German ("Baseldytsch").

The French National Railway Museum is situated in Mulhouse - fortunately for me, because I am also interested in trains.

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I was born in Britain (somewhere in the suburban sprawl of South-West London) and studied at St John's College Cambridge and Balliol College Oxford. Despite this ridiculously British upbringing, I left the UK in 1987 and have since lived in Germany, Switzerland and France.

Devil (1K)By the way...

This section started life sometime in the 1990's as my attempt to write some personal comments on topical issues (these days it would be called a blog I suppose). In those days I actually wrote the HTML code by hand! Like most HTML amateurs, even after getting a Web page editor, I soon found out that generating new material every few days eats large chunks out of your free time. I very seldom update these pages now, so to mark New Year 2012 I have finally decided to take the lazy way out and use Facebook instead. Biking photos will appear on Picasaweb.

Here's the historical (and sometimes hysterical) stuff.

Instead of the boring (and incomprehensible) quotations from political writers and psychiatrists that used to be here, I've found a better one. It's tattooed on the forearm of Gold Coast Titans player Daniel Conn:

"I'd rather be hated for who I am than loved for someone I'm not."

Getting in touch ...

... is not as easy as it was. When I first created a Web site, you could give your e-mail address without any problems (see how long ago it was ...). I kept my private e-mail address on this page until January 2004, when I finally got tired of spam - since I have no money to invest in Nigeria, no desire to meet women with improbably large breasts, and no need to enlarge my penis. It's a shame to admit that the spammers have defeated me, but there it is.

Still, all is not lost. You can still send me e-mail, though it will now arrive in my Yahoo mailbox, which I check somewhat irregularly. Those of you who are familar with the intricacies of French bureaucracy will understand my Yahoo nick; the rest of you can go on believing that it refers to the year of my birth (I wish ...).

This page was last revised on 29 Apr 2020.

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