Biking 2005


Spring 2005 was cool and wet in Alsace. On May 15 I joined a group of colleagues on a ride from Rouffach to Dabo, in the northern Vosges. This was the first stop of the day, near Lièpvre (between Sélestat and Ste-Marie-aux-Mines)

It stopped raining in the afternoon ....

On a two-week trip to Spain and Portugal in June 2005.

This picture was taken in the Ebro valley, near Valdenoceda, south of Santander.

The next day, in the heart of the National Park "Picos de Europa": the Peurto de Pandetrave.

July 15: a bike trip organized by the NLC as part of their Campus 05 weekend in the Rhön.

The former East German border near Willmars.

Ready to start the second day's tour at the Campus meeting. Why do people say I look sinister?

August 14: a day trip from Nuernberg to the Fossa Carolina.

At this location, the rivers Fraenkische Rezal (which drains into the Main) and Altmuehl (which joins the Danube) are only 3 km apart and the difference in elevation is less than 10 meters. In the 8th century AD, an attempt was made to connect the two rivers by a canal over the European watershed, thus opening a waterway from the North Sea to the Black Sea.

A day trip in the Vosges with the Gay Biker Franken in early September.

Checking the map near the Col du Haut Ribeauvillé.

"Für dieses Motorrad bin ich doch viel zu jung!"

The following weekend, a Sunday ride around Canton Aargau in Switzerland with the ZSMC and GBZ.

The lunch stop in Laufenburg.

Early autumn in the Black Forest. The direct road - not easy to find - from Biederbach to Spitzenbach.

The last few days of October were sunny and warm. On the last Sunday of the month I got up early and did a morning tour to Albtal, St Blasien, Schönau and Badenweiler. The roads were almost empty.

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