Biking 2006


The first weekend trip of 2006, for a Sunday ride with Gay-Biker-Franken. The lunch stop at the "Käthi-Bräu" beer garden, north of Nuremberg.


A day trip on May 14 with colleagues from work. After a fine ride through the Black Forest, the last stop of the day was at the Rhine crossing between Lahr (Germany) and Erstein (France).
In June I went to Spain and Portugal again. This is a typical scene in Spain: an empty road and empty countryside
The Atlantic coast of the Algarve (Portugal), near Carrapateira

More pictures

One of the last shots of the R1150GS, loaded up with camping gear, at the Campus 2006 meeting of the NLC.
On July 22 I collected my new R1200GS Adventure. This is a big bike, not least thanks to the 33-liter fuel tank.
The 2006 ECMC Bike Run in Rotenburg an der Fulda was organized by Biker Ohne Grenzen. This morning stop was close to the former East German border, near Grossensee (between Bebra and Eisenach).
After the Bike Run, Brett and Dave arrived from Australia, having travelled through Korea, Mongolia and Russia on their Triumph Tigers.

Despite cool wet weather during the last weekend of August, we had an enjoyable trip through the Jura to Annecy.

Here are the three bikes together in the Swiss Jura, near St Ursanne.

The rain clouds start to clear away at the south end of the Valserine, near Bellegarde, in the French Jura.
A fine late summer day in September: with the Gay-Biker-Franken at the Cirque de la Consolation in the French Jura.

Six bikers from four different countries: Germany, Austria, Australia and Britain.

The following day, with Dave (left) and Roman (centre), on the north side of the Passwang in the Swiss Jura.

This picture was taken at the same location as the 2003 photo on the Passwang.

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