Biking 2007


For Christmas 2006 my sister gave me a Garmin Nüvi GPS navigator. Getting it fixed to the bike required some ingenuity. Finally I settled for a Multipod and Mediabag from Wunderlich.

The first long weekend trip of the year (28 Apr to 1 May) was to Dijon with the SMM.

The first stop on the way back to Alsace was at Fontaine-Francaise.

A day out with colleagues from the hospital has now become an annual event. This year 9 of us set out through the Vosges on 20 May.

This was the first stop, on the road that descends from the Markstein (on the Route des Crêtes) to Kruth.

In June I rode to the Abruzzi region of Italy for the ECMC Bike Run. We stayed just outside the old fortified town of Assergi, near the Gran Sasso National Park.
On the way back from Italy I visited the Eastern Dolomites, including a trip into Slovenia. This is the very first view I ever had of that country, just after crossing the border at the Passo di Predil.

There are no longer routine checks at this border since Slovenia entered the Schengen group of EC countries on 21 December.

In November I toured Queensland, Australia.

This is a typical roadhouse, at Belyando Crossing, the only petrol station on the 370 km stretch from Clermont to Charters Towers.

Heading towards Laura on the Peninsula Developmental Road, Cape York.

Crossing Laura Creek on the Peninsula Developmental Road.
On the track to the wilderness camp site at Old Laura, in the Lakefield National Park.
Preparing to leave the camp site the following morning. Left to right: Col, Dick and Dave, with their bikes.
The last creek crossing before Cape Tribulation, on the Bloomfield Track. This was certainly the most challenging day I've ever had on a bike.
At Brett and Dave's farm near Kingaroy.

More details of my route through Queensland

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