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In March 2004 I bought my second BMW R1150GS. The new R1200GS didn't interest me then but I wanted the advantages of the "second-generation" 1150GS's, such as the dual spark-plugs and the maintenance-free battery.

This picture was taken near the summit of the Passo di Giao in the Dolomites, during a tour with the ZSMC.

This was my first BMW R1150GS, which arrived on December 18 1999. The picture was taken (thanks, Achim!) in Georgensgmünd on April 16 2000 during an outing with the Gay Biker Franken. R1150GS (37 KB)
BMW R90S (31K) My second bike is a 1976 BMW R90S, which I found in near-perfect condition in 1994 with about 60,000 km on the clock. First released in 1973, only 17,456 of these bikes were ever built - they were phased out in 1976, to be replaced by the R100S, which in its turn gave way to the R100CS in 1981. To quote On The Level (the journal of the BMW Riders Association): "The R90S was no Superbike but it was fast, reliable and the epitome of class on wheels." I agree!

In March 1999 the bike was hit from behind after I stopped at a red light. Fortunately both the bike and the rider could be repaired, and the bike at least seems to be running better than ever.

This is another one of my previous bikes - a BMW R1100RS which I bought almost new (just after the 1000 km service!) at the end of August 1997 and sold in December 1999. The picture was taken on the "Route des Cretes", which runs along the ridge of the Vosges. R1100RS (38K)
Ursprungstal (68K) This picture was taken in the Upper Danube Valley in July 1997. It shows me and my old R100 (on the left) plus a K-series BMW belonging to a friend (on the right). I bought the R100 new when I started my first job in psychiatry in the UK in 1982. Later it was registered in Germany, then in France, then in Germany again, then back to France. When I finally traded it in for the R1100RS it had done 120 000 km. Saying goodbye was hard ...
This bike belongs to a colleague. It is an R60/5 built in the early 1970's, which he has restored. BMW R60/5 (34K)

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When people who ride motorcyles speak to those who do not, the image they attempt to convey is that of a freedom-starved rebel seeking to be unleashed from earthly bonds. The biker thinks of wind and stars and the smell of hot rain on a macadam road; the listener thinks of intensive care units and interminable months of rehabilitation.

- Bob Higdon, in On The Level.

What are some of the favorite bikes you've owned, would like to own, or have ridden? Without a doubt the best bike I ever owned or rode was a 1987 K75T. I have long said that this model could stand up against anything that Bavaria ever produced. As for what I might like to own one day, a Brough Superior would be a thoughtful Christmas present. It was good enough to spike Lawrence of Arabia; it should be good enough for me.

- Bob Higdon, in On The Level.

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