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More British scenes from the 70's

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York Station (62 KB)

Class 37 no. 009 accelerates a freight train past local dmu's waiting at York on 16 April 1977

London Moorgate

Moorgate Station (54 KB)

A long-vanished scene at Moorgate, taken on 22 February 1977 during reconstruction of the approach to King's Cross (often referred to at the time as "throat-clearing"). With London Transport District Line stock in the background, a Class 31 has just brought Great Northern outer-suburban stock into the British Rail platform. The stock will run empty up the Widened Lines to King's Cross suburban platform 14 to form an evening commuter service to Cambridge. These services have now been replaced by electrified Thameslink trains.

London Waterloo

Waterloo Station (80 KB)

A picture taken long before the Eurostar arrived.

The roof at Waterloo is unusual, the main supports running at right-angles to the railway lines instead of parallel to them.


Dawlish (57 KB)

Yet another locomotive type that has vanished, the "Western" diesel-hydraulic. Class 52 no. 1001, "Western Pathfinder", approaches Dawlish on the 8.45 Paddington - Plymouth on 8 August 1976.

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